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Application of funds

The funds that accrue to the Foundation in the course of a year are usually allocated in the following year to support the projects and initiatives selected by the Foundation. The greater part of the funding goes to research projects that investigate the causes of dependencies and develop therapies. The promotion of local projects and initiatives dealing with the prevention of addiction and the rehabilitation of addicts is another focus of the foundation.

As a rule, applications for research projects should be submitted by the end of a calendar year. They are evaluated and reviewed by the advisory board upon receipt. The Advisory Board then decides on the allocation of funds by the end of April and informs the applicants about the allocation of funds. Funding is disbursed by the middle of the year.

Funding for local projects and initiatives can also be applied for during the year, detached from the annual rhythm defined for research projects. In return, the decision-making process is generally shorter: if funds are still available, the Executive Board decides on these applications at short notice.

Notice of exemption

The Hetzler Foundation is recognized as a non-profit corporation by notice of the Bensheim (Germany) Tax Office dated April 10, 2018, pursuant to Section 60a (1) AO on the separate determination of compliance with the statutory requirements pursuant to Sections 51, 59, 60 and 61 AO.

Donation account:

Hetzler Stiftung at Kreissparkasse Heilbron, IBAN DE63 6205 0000 0000 4942 76